The Best & The Brightest in Dermatology

Noah’s membership is a diverse mix of researchers, private practitioners, clinicians, and academics, who hold some of the most highly visible positions in the dermatologic community, including department chairs, professors of dermatology, American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) officers and board members, and editors of major dermatologic journals.

  • Number of members: 250
  • Average member age: 56 years

  • Members in full-time practice: 79%
  • Medical: 70%
  • Surgical: 20%
  • Cosmetic: 10%

  • Members who have been AAD officers or directors: 27%
  • AAD committee appointments held by Noah members: nearly 400
  • Members who have been speakers at AAD: 70%

  • Members involved in formal university teaching programs: 64%
  • Members who are directors of university teaching programs: 11%

  • Members who have published papers in dermatology: 91%