A Legacy of Excellence - The History & Traditions of Noah

High caliber scientific programs and close friendships between members are the hallmarks of the Noah Worcester Dermatological Society, a unique organization of private practitioners, academics, and executives of the pharmaceutical industry.

Noah Worcester was the first American dermatologist west of the Appalachians. After his studies at the famous Hospital St. Louis in Paris, he taught in Cleveland and Cincinnati, where he authored the first American textbook of dermatology, printed in 1845.

In 1957, Dr Alfred Weiner proposed the creation of a dermatological society at the University of Cincinnati. Composed of former residents and faculty of the Department of Dermatology, the founders believed it was an excellent way to stay in touch with graduates and faculty who moved away to begin their practices. Because of Noah Worcester's ties to the University, the society was eventually named for him.

Now more than half a century later, it seems appropriate to capture the spirit and history of the Noah Worcester Dermatological Society in both the words and images of those founding members still active in the Society, as well as some of its more recent officers and leaders.

This program is not just a history of Noah, but a testament to Noah's legacy of excellence, a family album for established members, and a guidebook for new ones.