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Dermatologists should embrace tissue adhesive

Cutaneous adhesives have many advantages in dermatologic surgery, according to Dr. John West of Seaport Dermatology and Mohs Surgery in Mystic, Conn. Read More >

Get excited about the excimer laser for dermatitis

Excimer lasers can be used for patients with allergic contact dermatitis for whom topical therapies are unsuccessful or undesirable, according to Dr. Alison Ehrlich of George Washington University in Washington. Read More >

Lasers take on the toughest scars

Advances in laser and light sources are making it possible to greatly improve the treatment of atrophic and hypertrophic scars, according to Dr. Michael Gold of the Gold Skin Care Center in Nashville, Tenn.. Read More >

Larger lentigo maligna lesions increase risk

What are the risk factors for invasive melanoma in patients with lentigo maligna? Size, for one thing, according to Dr. Suzanne M. Olbricht. Read More >

Updating the immune response to nonmelanoma skin cancer

Recent advances in basic science have shown how the local immune environment in tissue surrounding nonmelanoma skin cancer compares to adjacent normal tissue. Read More >

Collaboration with primary care helps colleagues and patients

Building bridges with colleagues in other specialties, especially primary care, helps patients and improves relations among specialties, Dr. Lisa Garner said in an interview at the annual meeting of the Noah Worcester Dermatological Society. Read More >

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